Cleanroom systems

BVS offers a complete care program to ensure the efficient and safe operation of your cleanroom for its entire lifetime.
We provide all your maintenance and validation requirements including:
  • HVAC System
  • Fan vibration monitoring
  • HEPA Filter testing & Changes
  • Controls Calibration and Safety Checks
  • Room Fabric Checks and Repairs
  • Airflow Balance Checks
  • Airflow Pressure Regime Checks
  • Cleanroom Monitor
BVS has delivered top quality facility maintenance services to customers for over a decade. Our success is innovation in both facility technology and leading-edge initiatives.
Within the scope of facility maintenance, our clients look to us for operation and maintenance services. We deliver these services efficiently, professionally and environmentally friendly.
Customers can choose stand-alone services or packages of services tailored to your company's specific facility maintenance needs.
BVS’s cleanroom maintenance services offer the flexibility necessary to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer. This approach to facility services provides the resources required for recurring, long-term, special events and even emergency requirements of our clients.
We invite you to outsource one or a package of maintenance activities to take advantage of our value-added services.
BVS’s cleanroom maintenance services enable you to choose from highly specialized operations and facility maintenance services.
Our integrated facilities services approach lets you avail a variety of services, including:
*  Ongoing HVAC and mechanical maintenance.
*  Technical expertise of specialized preventative and predictive maintenance services.
No matter how much capital is invested in the design and construction of your new cleanroom or laboratory, unless a strict regime of regular preventative maintenance is introduced, this investment can very quickly deteriorate.