Energy, IAQ and the environment

A good indoor environment is a good business environment

We spend, on average, more than 90% of our time indoors.
This makes the indoor climate important for our wellbeing,
Health and productivity. In addition to increasing our quality of life,
Indoor climate systems affect building life-cycle costs and
Environmental quality. The BVS aim is to balance good indoor
Climate conditions and an economical facility life cycle.
Green philosophy.
Our philosophy about creating the right comfort and critical control environment is deeply rooted in our commitment to offering systems and services that support energy efficiency, maximize indoor air quality, and take a sustainable approach to the environment. In other words, we believe in creating High Performance Buildings.
Green building
Green buildings are gaining increased recognition.
Green” or “sustainable” buildings use key resources like energy, water, materials and land more efficiently than buildings that are just built to code. With more natural light and better air quality, green buildings typically contribute to improved health, comfort, and productivity. Over a building’s lifetime, these benefits outweigh slightly higher average initial costs.