HVAC Commissioning


Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring that all building systems perform interactively according to the contract documents, design intent and the owner’s operational needs. This is achieved by beginning in the pre-design phase with design intent development and documentation and continuing through design, construction and warranty period with actual verification through review, testing and documentation of performance. At the end of the commissioning process, building operators receive training and documentation to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the building.

In connection with the above, BVS provides the following independent commissioning services:


Design Reviews:

An independent review of design documents (drawings and specifications) based on practical field experience can provide valuable information about design features that facilitate commissioning and future operation and maintenance.


Installation Verification:

Comprehensive system verification checklists are prepared to ensure that systems and components are installed correctly, conform to the specifications and are ready for proper system start-up.


Testing Adjusting and Balancing:

Total system TAB is performed by professional independent test and balance personnel.


Continuous Commissioning:

When the commissioning process is complete, the commissioning team continues to work together to monitor and analyze building performance.