HVAC system


HVAC system operation and maintenance

BVS can structure an HVAC Systems Operations and Maintenance services program for you that will include one to all of the following:

  • HVAC Maintenance supervision
  • HVAC Technicians, full-time on-site to include 24/7 coverage
  • HVAC Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs
  • HVAC Emergency and Service Call Response
    BVS’s highly motivated technicians arrive at your site, ready to be productive from day one. They receive orientation in your business and operations. They possess the skills to operate and maintain your HVAC systems. They are knowledgeable in how to use the latest technologies and are trained in general safety procedures
    Comprehensive facility management services
    BVS has exceptional capabilities to support the business objectives of customers having critical and controlled operating environments. Adding these capabilities to BVS’s Building Operations and Maintenance services creates our comprehensive Facility Management Services offering:
    Building Operations and Maintenance
    Energy Management
    Equipment Retrofits
    Commissioning and Validation
    Turnkey Services
    Project Management
    Subcontract Management
    Outstanding Value

    BVS is uniquely qualified to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and more respectable environment. With BVS performing your facility services, you receive:

    • Enhanced facility operations and improved reliability and uptime of your building systems and equipment to help increase productivity of occupants.
    • Improved building performance and reduced energy usage that drives lower cost of ownership and operations.
    • Buildings are sustained through change and obsolescence providing increased life of assets.
    • Less risks, uncertainty and improved control over your business, enabling you to better focus on your core competency.